Our Team

J.F. Brown Real Estate is an agency of highly qualified, knowledgeable agents. We are small by design, and highly effective because of decades of experience and commitment to quality over quantity.

When it comes to service and results regarding homes for sale in Virginia, this firm expects and delivers only the best. Through communication, negotiation skills, and expertise, J.F. Brown Real Estate strives to attain win/win outcomes for all parties involved. Homes and farms, horse properties for sale, mountain real estate for sale, and real estate for sale in Virginia are what we specialize in. It is how we do it that makes a difference. The best compliments we receive are lifelong friendships from our clients.

We care deeply about the Shenandoah Valley and the surrounding Blue Ridge and Allegheny Mountains. It is never the commodity of real estate land to us. The beauty, culture, history, and environment here are second to none. Each of us is involved in promoting the wise stewardship and conservation of this area we call home.

If you care about the criteria mentioned above, we are clearly the Virginia real estate agency of choice.

Jim F. Brown
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Toni Brown
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Cheryl M. Shaw
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Hunter McClung
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Leslie Lee
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Melissa Holland
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Rodger Rinehart
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Stevie Bond
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Susan Rinehart
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Tom Capito
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