Goshen Pass and the Maury River

It’s nice to have rain when it’s dry, and this Spring has had plenty of moisture. It’s good for everything: crops, hay, grass for livestock, flora and fauna, gardens, and of course, the water table and drinking water. But, we have had rain a plenty and that brings out the kayakers, canoes, and rafts. It’s an exciting sport to enjoy, both from the boat or watching from shore. Here are a few pictures from Sunday, May 10th, 2009. These guys went by too fast to get names, but they asked if I’d post a few pictures on the blog. If anyone in the pictures calls with his identity, I’ll add the name to the picture if they want it there.

Kayaker 1Rafterskayakerkayaker 5kayaker 4img_2884.jpgKayaker 3Kayaker 2