Featured Property in Lexington, VA for December 11, 2015, brought to you by JF Brown Real Estate in Historic Downtown Lexington, VA.

Recently sold land in Rockbridge County

Recently sold land in Rockbridge County

Well, the high today was supposed to be in the upper 60s – as in close to 70 degrees…this has to be the craziest December weather ever! I took at walk up Main Street this morning and it was still a bit nippy, but the sun definitely warmed things up this afternoon. What a perfect afternoon to be outside for a bit!!

My feature for today is actually a piece of land that just sold here in Rockbridge County. The reason I’m switching formats is because we would like to congratulate our newest agent, Lee McLaughlin, on his first closing!! Great job Lee!!!

Go ahead and contact us today, as we still have plenty of properties to show you!

Have a nice weekend!