Weekend Outlook for Lexington, VA

Wintertime in Lexington, VA

Wintertime in Lexington, VA

Winter is on its way!!! I think all the models predict that we will get some snow, not sure on the exact amount, but it’s the talk of the town. . . SNOW!!! I have to admit, Lexington, VA is a wonderful place to be when it snows…we take it easy, the kids stay home from school and some are lucky enough to be able to take a snow day too!

I’ve lived both in the city limits of Lexington and also in Rockbridge County, and celebrated my snow days very differently. While living in town a snow day might consist of walking to town for lunch, meeting up with friends, or maybe walking around in the lights at night, and of course finding a place to play in the snow!!  Rockbridge County living is a little different, it’s more of being “snowed in” – and loving it! Getting ready ahead of time, watching the snow fall from the windows and keeping the home fires burning. Either way, Lexington and Rockbridge County are beautiful places to be when the mountains and valleys are covered in snow!

Let’s get to the calendar of events which includes some weekly happenings, so check each venue and event before heading out this weekend. Friday night is where you can find music and dancing at Clarks Lumber Company, located in Raphine, VA, about 10-15 minutes outside of Lexington, VA. Saturday the music continues at Brew Ridge Taps in downtown Lexington, VA.

If you happen to get snowed in, why not take a look at our website to search for your new home in the Lexington, VA area?  If you see something you like, go ahead and contact us to set up a showing to see inside!

Whatever your week and weekend has in store for you, I hope you enjoy and stay warm!