Grass Fed Beef Farm in Lexington, VA

After raising grass fed beef now for well over a year on our farm here in Lexington, Virginia, I am happy to report that the farm now hosts 11 very happy and healthy bovines. They have plenty of grass to eat, water to drink, shade or protection from the wind when they want it, and wide open spaces.We are delighted with their health, temperament, and the accolades we receive from other farmers on all of the above. Concentrating on small scale, quality over quantity has been a wise choice. The meat has proven to be fabulous, especially when prepared knowing it is stress free and grass-fed. We have found the most important cooking tool to be a quality thermometer.Should anyone like to fill a portion of their freezer with beef that has not had any hormones, antibiotics, or corn/grain, and is from a stress-free farm, then please contact us. We have steers that will leave the farm the 1st of February and would be ready to be picked up in the mid/late part of that month. For more information, please read my earlier blog on rotational grazing and local food.